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Southern Region

Tura Beach

Just north of Merimbula is the new town of Tura Beach which has developed as a modern, well equipped beachside resort.

Tura has a beautiful beach with good access for the visitor. It features a great golf course and modern shopping complex and is popular as a holiday and retirement destination.

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Merimbula is the holiday resort of the Sapphire Coast, drawing many visitors to enjoy its many beaches, fishing delights and wide variety of clubs, restaurants and shopping alternatives.

The airport at Merimbula provides a convenient access for those travelling by air.

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Wyndham is located in the Sapphire Coast hinterland, reached by travelling south from Bega and Candelo or west from Pambula through beautiful forested country.

The early history of Wyndham is reflected in the historic buildings and craft centres in the town.





Pambula and Pambula Beach are interesting towns providing the visitor with further beautiful beaches as well as varied shopping and browsing in the many craft and specialty shops in the town.

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Eden, to the far south of the region is famous for its exceptional whale watching opportunities for the visitor and its rich history associated with the whaling and timber industries.

Located on beautiful Twofold Bay, Eden and the countryside around it offers unique experiences to the visitor to the region.

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Twofold Bay

Eden is located on the beautiful deepwater Twofold Bay. Whales are known to enter the bay giving the visitor a unique whale-watching experience.

Even when it is whale free however, there are many other aspects of the bay that are of interest. You can wander along the wharves and watch the trawlers unload their catches; you can visit historic Boydtown, the Old Davidson Whaling Station, Boyd's Tower or the woodchip mills and forest boundaries on the southern shores.




Boydtown on the western shore of Twofold Bay contains the historic buildings and tower erected last century by Ben Boyd during the whaling boom in the region.

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Green Cape

Green Cape hosts the most southerly light house in NSW overlooking Disaster Bay, so named after the wreck of the Lyee Moon last century, which is documented on a plaque at the lighthouse.

You reach Green Cape through the Ben Boyd National Park and bush camping is available at the beautiful waterside locations of Saltwater Creek and Bitangabee.

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Lake Wonboyn, between the Ben Boyd National Park and the Nadgee Nature Reserve wilderness is known for its great lake fishing and beautiful unspoiled environment.

The small village of Wonboyn on the southern side of the lake has cabins, caravan park, general store and boat launching. On the northern shore the resort offers more facilities including boat hire.

Located some 30km south of Eden, Wonboyn is the place to go if you want peace, solitude and great fishing.

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