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Strikingly tucked between the mountains and the sea, Wollongong is only an hour's drive south from Sydney by road or an hour and a half by train. Either way, the scenery is spectacularly beautiful and is a wonderful introduction to this delightful city and the amazing Illawarra region.

The awesome escarpment which sits behind Wollongong to the west and the sparkling blue Pacific stretching to the east, frame this city with a natural beauty that has to be seen to be believed.

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Historically the area was first inhabited by the wodi wodi aboriginal tribe who enjoyed the temperate climate and natural features as much as anyone today. It is thought that Captain Cook attempted a landing here in April 1770 but was unsuccessful due to rough conditions. Eventually settlers arrived and the first of these were timber getters and farmers. The Bulli Pass was established in 1868 and enabled more settlers to arrive from Sydney by land.



The rail connection to Sydney was completed in the late 1880s and the local coal mining industry commenced around the same time. Wollongong's famous manufacturing steelworks industry was established in the late 1920s and is now a major economic element of the city.

This industry attracted many of our immigrants in the mid 1900s and this has left the city with a legacy of a multiculturally rich population that celebrates all year round with a fascinating calendar of cultural events. Colourful and inspiring, these festivals attract and entertain visitors of all nationalities from near and far.

Ask the locals for the best beach to suit your desire

Wollongong's beaches, lagoons and other waterways are some of the best in all of Australia. Many beaches are patrolled during the summer months and our surf lifesaving clubs are amongst Australia's champions. Sheltered and calm for children and non-swimmers or with a big break for accomplished board riders, you'll find the right beach for you. Lake Illawarra is the venue for many types of watersports, from windsurfing and sailing to fishing and prawning. Explore the Lake during a luxury cruise, day or night.

Wollongong CBD

The city of Wollongong is a bustling and vibrant centre of activity with a distinctly multicultural atmosphere. To be a resident of this city is to be proud of one's luck at living in one of Australia's premier locations. To be a visitor is to feel privileged to share the delights of Wollongong. The city has a large yet relaxed commercial centre with a wonderful array of retail outlets and eateries in malls, arcades and galleries. The city's harmonious cosmopolitan integration of many nationalities has ensured its range of cuisines is second to none in the country. Delightful offerings from the European and Asian continents, homemade favourites from country kitchens, a myriad of wonderful takeaways from anywhere, and silver service romance at its finest are all available at a host of venues.

Accommodation in Wollongong is also represented on a wide scale. From beachside waterfont units, motels and caravan parks to bushy mountainside retreats or luxury international style resorts, the range affords you the choice of the perfect place to stay whether you're travelling on a strict budget or want to really live it up and indulge yourself to the extreme.