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Approaching the seaside resort of Kiama is different from any other scenery on this wonderful coastline. Green hills rolling to the coastline and fantastic golden beaches are within your view from just about anywhere in and around the town.

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Kiama has managed to maintain its charm as a casual, relaxing resort without falling the way of the highrise compromise which has spoilt other areas. The sort of holiday that the whole family can enjoy awaits visitors here.


Kiama's most famous feature is its 'blowhole' situated on Blowhole Point behind the point's lighthouse. Attracting thousands of visitors each year, this is a rock formation at the edge of the sea which sends spumes of water high into the air as the fierce waves surge through the hole in the rocks and release their energy with a spectacular show of the power of nature. Many generations of tourists have stopped to view and photograph this display.



The Kiama Blowhole is located at Blowhole Point in the centre of town and can be viewed safely from constructed paths and lookouts. There is ample parking for cars and coaches and the Kiama Visitors Centre is situated on the same picturesque point. Here you will find a great range of souvenirs and helpful advice from the Centre's friendly staff. A restaurant also operates from here and the headland's caravan park with a good northerley aspect is very popular all year round.

The local fishing fleet has its wharves on the northern side of Blowhole Point and there is no better place to taste the local seafood at its freshest.

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Activities Galore

The natural environment around this pretty town offers walks along pristine beaches, around fascinating rocky outcrops and through lush peaceful rainforest. Kiama has a colourful and varied commercial centre with all you'll need during your stay. A good variety of retail and eating outlets cater to all preferences and budgets. The most noted of Kiama's shops are the row of nineteenth century terrace houses which have been converted into craft outlets with something for everyone.

Entertainment in Kiama is provided in the licensed clubs and pubs that all welcome visitors. During the peak holiday season, many extra entertainers are in town and the festive atmosphere captures the imagination of all who are lucky enough to be here.

Accommodation here is also diverse and whether you want to camp by the beach or in the bush or luxuriate in modern apartments or motels, the range of venues and price accommodates all tourists.