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Tura Beach




Tura Beach is a new resort, developed in recent years to meet demand for beautiful seaside accommodation and facilities on another of the Sapphire Coast's magnificent beaches.

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Situated just north of Merimbula on the coastal road to Tathra, Tura enjoys a modern shopping centre and quality 18 hole golf course as well as its wonderful beaches.

Driving north from Tura leads you to the magnificent Bournda National Park with outstanding waterways and ocean features. The wetland areas near the mouth of Wallagoot Lake provide valuable habitat for many local and migratory waterbirds and are also important in protecting the fish and prawn nursery grounds for which the lake is well known.

For details of the Tura/Merimbula commercial, recreational and social community, please visit our Merimbula OnLine Site.

Tura beach, South Coast, NSW



Tura beach, South Coast, NSW
Tura beach, South Coast, NSW