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Eden, situated on the deep harbour of Twofold Bay, is rich in fishing and whaling history and remains a fishing town, while whaling has now become 'whale-watching' one of the key tourist attractions in the town. Eden is a picturesque and quiet town and offers a wide variety of waterway, forest and mountain attractions.

map of eden
Eden whales, South Coast, NSW

Although the actual whaling industry was abandoned many years ago, you can learn about it at Eden's fascinating Killer Whale Museum. As well as this you can often catch the wondrous sight of whales frolicking off our shores on their twice yearly migration. You can enjoy this fascinating pastime from the mainland or from a boat, including those equipped for whale watching cruises by local operators.



The fishing industry is still one of the mainstays of Eden's economy and a large fleet operates out of Eden from Snug Cove. Here you'll see the catch arrive before it goes to processing for export and national consumption. Visitors too can enjoy the thrill of a good catch as there are many great fishing spots in our local lakes, rivers and on our beaches and of course out to sea.

Eden, South Coast, NSW

The timber industry around Eden still survives and you can see the end results at the export chipmill on the southern side of Twofold Bay where a visitors centre displays the logging and milling operations of this controversial local industry.



Eden, South Coast, NSW

Also around Twofold Bay are the historic sites of Boydtown port which was built in the heyday of whaling. Thirty whaling boats operated from Twofold Bay in the mid 1800's and many legacies of this industry are evident in the area. Boyd's Tower, which was built as a lookout for the whalers to spot their potential catch, still stands, as does the Seahorse Inn and the Old Davidson Whaling Station. You can also see the ruins of the never completed church.

All sorts of water sports including swimming, surfing, sailing and diving can be enjoyed in the Eden area. Other sporting activities available are squash, tennis, golf and bowls.

Bushwalking through the beautiful adjoining forest areas is also popular with visitors and locals alike. Ben Boyd National Park is close by and is a wonderful example of Australian coastal wilderness, incorporating natural forests and unspoilt beaches.

Mount Imlay, which stands behind Eden, gives a splendid vantage point from which to view the rest of the Sapphire Coast to the north, south to the Victorian border and west to the plains of the Snowy Monaro region.

The township of Eden itself has many shops for all your holiday needs, including supermarkets, sporting requirements, fashion, restaurants and of course, souvenirs.

Licensed clubs welcome visitors and offer fine eating and entertainment day and night.

The area also offers a good range of accommodation in units, motels, hotels and caravan parks