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"...saw a remarkable peaked hill which resembles a square dovehouse with a dome on top and for that reason I named it Pigeon House" -

Lieutenant James Cook, HMS Endeavour, April 21, 1770

Pigeon House Mountain was so named by Cook for its distinctive shape and the way it dominates its immediate surroundings. Aboriginal people saw the mountain from a different perspective however, their name, Didhol, being their word for that part of the female anatomy that the mountain resembles. It is one of the most spectacular natural landmarks in NSW and is a major focal point of visitor interest in the region.

Situated within the Morton National Park, approx ½ hour's drive south west from Ulladulla and 1 hour north west from Batemans Bay, Pigeon House is part of Australia's eastern mountainous escarpment which separates the coastal plain from the interior tableland. The Budawangs and the Upper Clyde area near Pigeon House also includes such other grand features as Shrouded Gods Mountain, the Byangee Walls, The Castle and more. All are accessible, with walks and tracks suited to all levels of fitness or capability.The most accessible however, yet one of the most rewarding to climb, is Pigeon House itself.

Pigeon House rises steeply to 720m above sea level and you can climb safely to the summit. However it is not just a leisurely tourist jaunt. A day trip is for the reasonably fit, adventurous traveller who is looking for a day of testing, but not arduous exercise, rewarded by a spectacular 360 degree vista that lays at your feet the beaches and Pacific Ocean to the east and the magnificence of the Budawang Mountains and the Clyde River Valley to the west.

If you just wish to experience the wondrous sight of this spectacular landmark, you can enjoy a picturesque drive to its base through eucalypt forests. Along your journey you'll be treated to many differing views of Pigeon House and its environment. The roads to the base of the mountain are clearly marked and suitable for most vehicles in most weather conditons.

At the carpark you'll find barbeques, picnic tables and a toilet. The track to the top is also clearly defined. The walk from the base to the summit and back to the carpark is about 5km and takes around 4 hrs. [Tip : the first kilometre of the Pigeon House climb is the hardest - so don't give up early]

All year round Pigeon House offers a delightful adventure for explorers of all ages. Before you go dress sensibly, remember your sunscreen and if you intend to go off the main roads, grab a map from the closest Tourist Information Centre.

and please....take nothing but photographs and leave nothing but your footprints

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