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Eastern Rosella
Eastern Rosella


Brilliant coloured King Parrots, Crimson Rosellas, Galahs, Eastern Rosellas and Rainbow Lorikeets are a joy to watch. Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos with their raucous calls and Gang Gangs (creaky doors) frequent the property and you always know when they are about.

Crimson Rosella
Crimson Rosella

King Parrot
King Parrot

The list includes many varieties of Honeyeater, Satin Bowerbird, Butcherbird, Crested Pigeon, White-headed Pigeon, owl species, Fantail, Flycatcher, Robin, Silvereye and Treecreeper, to name just a few. Join us and add to our list with new sightings of your own.


Couria Creek is a paradise for those who adore nature and all things natural. The plethora of bird life that the property sustains is truly amazing with over 96 species observed, from tiny Thornbills and Wrens, through to magnificent Wedge-tailed Eagles, Whistling Kites and Sea Eagles. Kookaburras laugh loudly, Noisy Friarbirds and Wattlebirds squabble amongst the bottlebrush, the Channel-billed Cuckoo call is unmistakable. Cheeky Willie Wagtails flit from fence to fence and their nesting calls can be heard in the early morning.

Crested Pigeons
Crested Pigeons

Rainbow Lorikeet
Rainbow Lorikeet

Bowerbird - Female


White Headed Pigeon
White Headed Pigeon

Join us and add to our list with new sightings of your own.

Bird Observations
at Couria Creek

tickCattle Egret
tickWhite-headed Pigeon
tickBrown Cuckoo-Dove
tickCommon Bronzewing
tickBrush Bronzewing
tickCrested Pigeon
tickWonga Pigeon
tickGang-gang Cockatoo
tickYellow-tailed Black Cockatoo
tickLittle Corella
tickRainbow Lorikeet
tickSulphur-crested Cockatoo
tickScaly-breasted Lorikeet
tickMusk Lorikeet
tickAustralian King Parrot
tickCrimson Rosella
tickEastern Rosella
tickMasked Lapwing (Plover)
tickOwl species
tickTawny Frogmouth
tickAzure Kingfisher
tickLaughing Kookaburra
tickSinging Bushlark
tickWelcome Swallow
tickRichardís Pipit
tickBlack-faced Cuckoo-shrike
tickWhite-bellied Cuckoo-shrike
tickRose Robin
tickScarlet Robin
tickEastern Yellow Robin
tickJacky Winter
tickGolden Whistler
tickRufous Whistler
tickGrey Shrike-thrush
tickRestless Flycatcher
tickRufous Fantail
tickGrey Fantail
tickWillie Wagtail
tickEastern Whipbird
tickSuperb Fairy-wren
tickVaried Sittella
tickRed Wattlebird
tickLittle Wattlebird
tickNoisy Friarbird
tickBell Miner
tickWhite-eared Honeyeater
tickYellow-faced Honeyeater
tickNew Holland Honeyeater
tickEastern Spinebill
tickLewinís Honeyeater
tickScarlet Honeyeater
tickStriated Pardalote
tickSpotted Pardalote
tickSatin Bowerbird
tickAustralian Magpie-lark
tickGrey Butcherbird
tickAustralian Magpie
tickPied Currawong
tickWhite-winged Chough
tickLittle Raven
tickAustralian Raven
tickRed-browed Finch
tickWhite-browed Scrubwren
tickOlive-backed Oriole
tickBrown Quail
tickWhite-throated Tree Creeper
tickSuperb Lyrebird
tickChannel-billed Cuckoo
tickCommon Koel
tickBrown Thornbill
tickStriated Thornbill
tickYellow-rumped Thornbill
tickAustralian Owlet-nightjar
tickTree Martin
tickTopknot Pigeon (Nat. Park)

tickWhistling Kite
tickSwamp (Marsh) Harrier
tickBrown Goshawk
tickGrey (White) Goshawk
tickWhite-bellied Sea Eagle
tickWedge-tailed Eagle
tickLittle Eagle
tickBrown Falcon
tickAustralian (Nankeen) Kestrel

tickLittle Pied Cormorant
tickAustralian White Ibis
tickWhite-faced Heron
tickGrey Teal
tickAustralian Wood Duck
tickPacific Black Duck


tickShort-tailed Shearwater
tickAustralian Pelican
tickAustralasian Gannet
tickLittle Black Cormorant
tickPied Cormorant
tickEastern Reef Egret
tickRoyal Spoonbill
tickBlack Swan
tickChestnut Teal
tickPurple Swamphen
tickEurasian Coot
tickPied Oystercatcher
tickSooty Oystercatcher
tickGrey Plover
tickBar-tailed Godwit
tickEastern Curlew
tickRuddy Turnstone
tickSilver Gull
tickCrested Tern
tickFairy Tern
tickLittle Penguin
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