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Most professional and community services are available in the district. For the tourist and for those who stay and make the area their home, just about every necessary service can be obtained.

Services in the Coastal Resort District

Real Estate Agents
Public Transport

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Real Estate Agents

We have a number of licensed real estate agents ready to help you select your perfect holiday accommodaton from the diverse range of properties on their books.
In addition to rentals, they have a good selecton of local businesses, homes and rural properties for sale.

Real Estate in the Coastal Resort

Professional Services

We have a selection of solicitors, accountants, surveyors, engineers, veterinarians and architects etc and many other professions are represented here on a regular visiting basis. From medical (see Health, below), to legal advice all your needs will be serviced with a smile.

Refer: Ulladulla OnLine - Professional Services

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Health Services

There is a district hospital situated in Milton and the area also offers a number of general practitioners, dentists, natural therapists and some specialist health services.
The towns have several pharmacies who offer you friendly advice.
If you have any special medical requirements, our Tourist Information Centre will be able to advise you further on specialist services.

Refer: Ulladulla OnLine - Health Services

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Community Services

Many services in Milton Ulladulla are offered on a voluntary basis by members of community groups.
Other services are provided by Commonwealth, State and Local government sponsored programs.
Charities and service clubs are also well represented.

Refer: Shoalhaven Community Services Listings

Retail Services

Both Milton and Ulladulla have shopping centres that should fill all the needs of the tourist.

Ulladulla has a larger shopping precinct and a good range of household items, fashions, sporting goods etc can be purchased. With views of the harbour and relaxed street and covered mall shopping, you will enjoy looking for that special keepsake.

Shopping in Milton is another enjoyable experience. Attractive historic buidings plus a fine selection of arts, crafts, and alternative retailers, make shopping here a delightful expedition.

Supermarkets and fresh food stores are well stocked and still have country welcomes and service for their shoppers.Smaller shopping centres are also dotted around the district.
You can read about our restaurants on our Entertainment Page.

Refer: Ulladulla OnLine - Retail Categories

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Financial Services

A number of the larger Australian banks have branches here and many others are represented by agencies. We also have building societies and credit unions.
Automatic teller machines are located around the town.
Major international credit cards are accepted at many outlets and travellers cheques are also welcomed.
EFTPOS (Electronic Funds Transfer at Point Of Sale) is also widely available.

The insurance industry has many agents here and there are a number of accountancy professionals.

Refer: Ulladulla OnLine - Business & Finance

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Vehicle Care

If you bring a vehicle to Milton Ulladulla, you can be assured of finding help for whatever may be necessary to keep it running safe and well.
There are many motor mechanics and auto electricians available, as well as brake and clutch, towing, panel beating, tyre, windscreen and caravan repair services. Most parts are readily obtainable.
If required, you can hire a range of vehicles here including sedans and buses.

Refer: Ulladulla OnLine - Motor Vehicles

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Public Transport

A friendly taxi and local bus service are readily available around Milton Ulladulla and district.

Taxis & Hire Vehicles

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