The Milton Scarecrow Festival is one of the feature events of Milton held annually on the June long weekend.

Milton Scarecrow Festival

June 7 -8, 2003

A great weekend of entertainment - an event no scarecrow would dream of missing

From Saturday May 31, leading up to the Scarecrow Festival, the streets of Milton are lined with happy and colourful scarecrows lovingly created by the residents of the Milton area.

Shop windows are guarded by even more scarecrows and everywhere you see people spinning around to take a second look at that weird character smiling cheekily back at them.
On Sunday June 8, the big day of the judging, the scarecrows all gather and jostle in the town posing to impress the judges. The winning scarecrows and their proud 'parents' are awarded prizes.

Afterwards the scarecrows are auctioned off with the welcome proceeds going to local charities.
* Entertainment       * Markets       * Clowns

* Displays       * Dancing       * Music       * Jumping Castle       * Merry Go Round

* Face Painting       * Live Scarecrows
Crowd This is a family fun packed weekend day Sunday filled with colourful activity and entertainment.

Markets, games and performances will keep everyone amused so note your diary now and be in town for the Milton Scarecrow Festival.


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