How Narooma OnLine can work for you

Morningside promotes Narooma OnLine broadly to the Internet - we invite Internet readers to visit this site if they want information concerning the Narooma district. It is also closely linked to our TravelSouth Visitors Guide to the South Coast, the most widely read tourism website in the region. The TravelSouth site is currently being read at over 4,000 page impressions per DAY. (See stats here). You can share in this readership.

Businesses in the Narooma district (no matter how large or small) will increase their Internet readership (by at least 50% in most cases) by being linked to the Narooma OnLine directories. Search engine promotion of your website is not enough.

Through its Narooma OnLine links, readers are attracted to your website in the following ways:

. Local and regional users visit the Narooma OnLine website in order to find extensive and up to date information about the district including: where to stay; where to buy; where to find a service (eg an electrician, a tour, a gallery etc). Local people know about this site from our own promotion to the Internet, from local advertising and by word of mouth between local Internet users;

. External users are attracted to the site in the following way. They will have decided to visit, or are thinking of visiting the region, perhaps because they have read Morningside's promotions of our region on our TravelSouth Visitors Guide to the South Coast. If the reader is interested in the Narooma district and wishes to know more about the services and facilities here, they are directed to the Narooma OnLine website, and through its linkages, to your web pages.

We will continue to develop this website with local and topical information and will continue to promote it to the Internet for the benefit both of the Internet user and the business and social communities of the district.

You, your business and your group are part of the Narooma community. We invite you to be part of this same community on the Internet by linking from Narooma OnLine to the website for your business at our low, commercial rates.

If you don't have a website and feel that your business or group could use one, please contact Morningside Internet and we will be pleased to discuss a web presence and promotion strategy specifically tailored to your needs - and at the best rates on the Coast.

Perhaps you are a tradesman, a small service operation or a small local business and think that an elaborate web page is too much for you; or, perhaps you just can't afford such a page. Then you may like to consider a small advertisement right here on the Narooma OnLine site for as little as $55 per year.

Take the following jumps to read more about the alternative ways of promoting your business or group on the Internet by way of the Narooma OnLine website.

The Internet phenomenon continues to boom and few doubt that it will become an important part of all our lives in the very near future. Not only as a vast reference library or education resource, but also as THE most important medium for commerce. Having your own web presence will become like having a Yellow Pages entry in the phone book. Our aim is to make the Narooma OnLine website a combination of an online Yellow Pages and local directory for the district.

Join us now in the commerce and communications world of the 21st century.