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The game season has got off to a tremendous start with marlin and tuna. The reef fishing has just starting to come alive again with yellowtail kingfish and snapper.

It is a pleasure to have the Batemans Bay Game Fishing Club January, Tollgate Classic Game fishing competition with an excellent turn out of fish and entrants.

1st was a 218 kilo blue marlin
2nd was a 150 kilo blue marlin
3RD was a 135 kilo blue marlin

Over 40 yellowfin were tagged and released, 4 marlins were captured and around 30-40 marlin were sighted.

There are several fishing competition just around the corner.
With a strong current running to the south, huge bait schools passing by, the fish coming and going very quickly, you have to be in the know to keep on top.

With several months to go of marlin fishing on the south coast, it can only get wilder east of Batemans Bay on the continental shelf.

Recent Captures
Nice sized snapper and yellowtail kingfish on the reefs. Out wide 15-20 yellowfin averaging 18 kilos with the biggest weighing in at 30 kilos. 1 capture of a 150kg blue marlin and over 15 sightings of striped marlin in all depths of water.

On the weekend 1 tag and release of a black marlin around the 145 kg mark by two lucky anglers.

What a great start to the game season.

Report courtesy OB1 Charters, Batemans Bay

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