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Fishing Charters, South Coast NSW

The waters off the South Coast of NSW are renowned for their excellent fishing. Great catches are made in the estauries and on the off shore reefs of excellent table species such as snapper, flathead, morwong, kingfish and many other local varieties. Further out on the edge of the continental shelf, you can fish for the big game fish - marlin, yellowfin tuna, shark and others.

 You don't need to travel to the Bahamas or thousands of kilometres to the Barrier Reef - some of the biggest and best game fishing is here on the South Coast only a few hours south from Sydney or as part of your coastal holiday from Melbourne. From Canberra of course, you can have a great days fishing on the coast and still be back home the same day.

 If you are really after a big one, Batemans Bay has achieved a number of world and class record catches in recent years.

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Great catches

 The fishing can be good in the local waterways, off the beach or from the many rock shelfs on our beautiful coastline. Alternatively, you may prefer to try your luck with a snorkel and a speargun from the many beach and headland locations. However, the real catches (especially when you are travelling with a group) are to be obtained offshore from a boat and this is where using one of the established charter boat operators in the region becomes the best option.

A great catch from the reef Not only will you be sure of the best chance of getting amongst the fish, but it avoids all the hassle of a fishing weekend. Most operators supply all the services, bait and tackle that you need. All you need to do is to get yourself to the boat and leave it to the experts. Their local knowledge also ensures that you don't spend your time looking for the right places. Any fisher knows that reef fish are to be found on the shallower reefs that lie off the coast. If you troll on the reefs, the fishing is usually fast, rewarding and exciting. When you drop off the reefs, the fishing drops off also. Unless you know where these reefs are, you are likely to be disappointed in your fishing quest. The experienced charter boat operators are the experts. Their business depends on getting you to the fish and getting those fish on to your line.


Another important reason to use the expert charter boat operator is the safety aspect. Even on a quiet, peaceful day, the weather can change quickly and those who do not have the expertise can find themselves in difficulty. The experienced charter boat operators know the local conditions, they are boating experts and know when and where to seek protection from or to avoid sudden weather changes. Furthermore, their boats and equipment are regularly checked and maintained to ensure peak performance. Trust your family or friends to the experts.

Batemans Bay Charters...

Batemans Bay is the fastest growing tourist centre on the South Coast and is widely recognised as the most attractive destination for a fishing weekend or holiday on the Coast.

As well as boasting some of the best fishing on the coast, "the Bay" offers much more for the ideal fishing weekend or holiday...

* a safe, navigable estuary providing quick access to offshore fishing locations
* convenient access from Sydney & Canberra
* as the largest town on the coast, it offers a wide range of accommodation, dining, attractions and entertainment for when you are off the water
* beautiful beaches, forests and mountains to add to the perfect holiday or fishing visit

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Other South Coast Centres...

Fishing charters are also available in a number of other South Coast centres including Jervis Bay, Ulladulla, Narooma, Bermagui and Eden. You can reference providers of these services by way of our South Coast directories.

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